Men’s style:

The increasingly growing community on the social media networks is becoming a hotbed for taking inspiration and it has also become a precise barometer for the fashion buds of the modern day men.

It is not a secret at all that men love mixing their styles the most. And there can be no better place for witnessing the dressing sense of men than Outfitgrid. It is an Instagram community which boasts approximately 650,000 followers. Its working process is very simple. The people who want to submit their picture use the “#outfitgrid” hashtag. Then the community moderator & founder, Dennis Todisco posts the winner of the day at 8 PM PST.


The community of Outfitgrid skews majorly towards mixing the buzzy and street informed labels such as Supreme, Palace and Kanye West YEEZY line which has the designer pieces from Saint Laurent, Vetements & John Elliot. You can see many covetable sneakers.



The continuous perspective as well as eclectic styles is indicative of the movement towards the elevated street wear looks and this platform is an account which is being highlighted in the recent reports on Instagram. The aesthetic is casual with bits & pieces of the tailored clothes in the modern way. Well cut, longer over coats are very common which is often paired with distressed and washed denim and graphic T shirts from the labels such as Gosha Rubchinskiy.


As the fashion consumer continues evolving, this busting community of Instagram has become the hot bed for the modern day styling, bird’s eye view and relevant brands of the growingly discerning fluctuating tastes of the customers. The global user- base stems from Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, London and Kuwait. With the new followers each day, Outfitgrid movement is increasingly picking up a lot of steam with every new kit which is laid over the ground.