You will understand and agree with the common phrase that old is gold after you get your hands on the Women’s 1950 Crew neck Retro Vintage Waist Bandage Party Swing Dress with ¾ sleeve. I can how anxious you already are to know about this dress. That is exactly how I felt when I came across it on the YesFashion site where I keep tabs on new arrivals.

You have probably seen these types of dresses in movies with a vintage setting. The women in the movies are always very comfortable in the dresses that you want to have one. That is exactly how it feels when in the dresses. Comfort and antic. The thing that impressed me the most is that the dress comes in different sizes; which meant that I could get my fit this time round. I have had problems finding a nice dress that fits my small body in the past, but that was no more courtesy of YesFashion.This dress comes in small, medium, large, extra-large and the second extra-large sizes, everybody is catered for, right?


While placing your order, you can choose the best color, either red, dark blue or black. It has a round neck and ¾ sleeves that promote comfort when worn. The material used to make the dress: brocade, cotton, and polyester ensure that quality is guaranteed, the kind of products that YesFashion deals in. The dress has a zipper type of closure that is easy to zip up or down without getting stuck. The parties won’t feel the same in these elegant dresses.


The slim waist that perfectly fits and the big swing style with a waist bandage gives you that vintage feeling. You swing your way into parties and feel good. You can have this dress on during the spring and autumn seasons. Get yours today.