There is one important rule in the fashion world: woman has to have 3 things in her closet: little black dress, red pumps and red lipstick. And this is a must!

This is why we are writing about little black dress and how to refresh it with different details.

Little black dress is an excellent choice when you want to use it as a base for accessories that will help you create many different looks. There is no need to worry will it go with colorful heels, large statement jewelry or numerous bracelets-all these details go amazingly well with little black dress and capture just as much attention as necessary.

There are many different ways to "decorate" little black dress. Weather you are looking ideas for elegant evening accessories, for fun party or relaxed daily walk, there are numerous options to complete outlook and give it an extra stylish note.

Tights with print
Creative tights will give funky and interesting touch to the little black dress. Weather you go for a form-fitting or relaxed dress, tights with dots will definitely make it look interesting.

Big hair

Instead to look for perfect jewelry, add some glamour to your dress by making a big hairdo. This will definitely give your look a dose of elegance.

Animal print

Little black dress will go from elegance to cool in seconds when you add animal print to it. Pumps with leopard print or such cardigan will give your feminine appearance very rocker-like chic.


Putting a jacket over little black dress will create amazing daily and evening look. Big plus with jacket is that it always looks better than scarf or cardigan.


Statement necklace

Bold, oversized necklace is excellent combo with formal dress. Still, make sure that you don't go overboard with other accessories. Get a pair of simple earrings and elegant clutch that will complete the look and maintain balance.