Rings have been in fashion for centuries, and there are currently many types, styles and fashions available for men and women. The wedding ring, the engagement ring and the signet are the types of rings that are most well-known.  However, there are other types of rings you can buy for different occasions or just because.  A ring can be worn for its aesthetic, social or symbolic function, but they will always be a reflection of the time and will tell more about the wearer.

There are different types of rings and they can be categorized by their use, meaning or materials.  The most significant ones are those that have symbolic functions like the wedding bands and signets that many people wear nowadays.

The common ring types are as follows:

Wedding ring: this is the ring that is given during the marriage ceremony, and it is the symbol for the union and the marital commitment. Before it was worn only by women, but wedding bands are now worn by both spouses.

Engagement ring: this is the ring that is worn by engaged women, and it shows that she has the intention of getting married. Most of the time, it is a diamond solitaire.

Knuckle ring: this ring has a diameter which is smaller compared to the traditional ring, and it can be worn on a fingertip or the second or even third knuckle.  It may be worn alone or it may be part of a combination ring set.  

Mood ring: this ring changes color according to the temperature of the body.

Birthstone ring: this is a ring that has the birthstone of the person who wears it or that of a husband or wife. Some may have different birthstones included in one ring.

No matter what ring a woman or man chooses to wear, it will tell you more about them and their personality.