Even though more designs are being created to fit the modern criteria, women tend to go back in time when it comes to dressing. Our forefathers may have worn these attires owing to some reasons. Because the weather tends to present various challenges, what you choose to wear clearly defines how you embrace it. You may want to lose the extra fabric as you embrace the summer, autumn and spring season.


Its uniqueness goes a long way since it is a blend of knitting, cotton, polyester, cotton, and spandex. These are examples of high-quality materials that are used by YesFashion designers to suit the demands of clients. A material like spandex is quite comfortable and can stretch to fit the wearer however much they may have gained or lost some weight.

The design

At only $26.84, this dress brings back old memories to women who value the essence of fashion. Are you want to express your feminine shoulders, then this would be the best dress for you since it is described as a long-sleeved lapel. This goes well with women of all sizes ranging from 10 to 18.

The irregular button collar gives the wearer an option of making adjustments depending on the weather condition. It has been transformed using the finest stitches paving the way for the split designs. It is available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. This is the best option for women of all shapes and sizes.

High-end clients will find it appropriate since it is covered in bird prints. This tends to attract attention towards them because many people find interest in nature.


It can be worn in almost all occasions as long as the wearer is comfortable. In terms of length, it is described as knee-high. The wearer will find it appropriate to put in on during corporate meetings and while attending other social gatherings.

In case you are trying to flaunt your assets, this dress would be the perfect choice for you. Express your upper body by unbuttoning it. Since it also tends to be figure hugging, you can flaunt your hips thus bringing out the best in your feminine character. It is best worn in heels that tend to color block. The best colors for these particular shoes would be black, nude and red heels.

How to acquire

The dress brings out the best in accordance to European and American style. Therefore, it is likely for one to trust its quality. Customers are encouraged to express their views based on how the dress suits them. It is ok for them to return the dress in case it does not fit them. In fact, the company policy states that one should only return it unwashed with the tag on. The person in charge of the shipping arrangements will inform the supplier if there are any complaints. The customer can seek compensation by requesting for the right size or getting a replacement equivalent of that price. At yesfashion.com, the customer is always king.