Men and women are exposed to public attention and critique, because everyone follows new trends in fashion-at least on TV and in magazines. We are all aware that personal confidence from from satisfaction with your appearance-and clothing is important aspect of our appearance.

You can be sure that are trendy and that you always have great style if you can check next 10 signs:

  • people compliment your looks more than 2 times a week
  • you have never had feeling that you are over-dressed, under-dressed or inappropriately dressed for any occasion
  • your friends often ask you where you have bought certain piece and then go to buy it themselves
  • you have ever-lasting pieces in your closet, such as: little black dress, trench coat, good jeans, high heels, etc.
  • your friends and family often ask you to style their outfit and choose instead of them what to wear for certain important occasion (wedding, cocktail party, business interview)
  • girls and women often stop you on the street to ask you where you have bought what you are wearing at the moment
  • even when you feel like there is nothing good in your closet, you still manage to create good and stylish outfit for the day
  • when you look your old photos (few years before) you are still satisfied with your looks
  • members of your family rarely buy clothing pieces for you because they believe that you are "difficult" for shopping and that they can't guess what would look good with your style
  • you don't have to spend a lot on attractive clothing piece because you can perfectly combine pieces that aren't expensive. Additionally, you can make affordable pieces look elegant, attractive and high fashion